Yeoville Market refurbishment underway after blaze damaged 25 stalls

By MMC Environment Development- Councillor Nkululeko Mbundu

The Yeoville Market, which suffered extensive damage after a fire on 21 June 2022, is in the process of being restored as the as the City of Johannesburg’s Joburg Property Company (JPC) ramps up efforts for its refurbishment. 

The market was established as a central marketplace, which houses about 208 informal traders. 

A total of 25 trading stalls suffered irreparable damage and the cause remains under investigation by the South African Police Service. 

Overseen by the JPC, the process of refurbishing and restoring stalls damaged in the fire has begun. The rubble has been cleared, allowing neighbouring traders to continue with their business operations. 

The area had been cordoned off to prevent illegal entry and further damage to property. The affected traders were also allocated temporary trading stalls to prevent any further potential loss of income. 

The JPC has initiated the process to secure suitable and qualified service providers for repairs and maintenance of the entire market to ensure electrification, and installation of plumbing at the facility. These processes are expected to be completed soon to ensure the informal traders return to their trading stalls and have the market fully operational. 

As the Multi-Party Government, we remain steadfast in our commitment towards engaging in a developmental approach to support Joburg’s informal trade economy and accelerating efforts to stimulate the growth of its participants, such that they may move into the formal economy, scale their enterprises and create jobs in Johannesburg. 

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