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Desmond Tutu Awarded For His Commitment and Contribution Towards Peace and Equality.

Archbishop Desmond Tutu has been awarded the Human Rights Global Treasure Award  recognition of his lifelong commitment to advancing peace, equity, equality, and human rights as well as his unwavering commitment to speaking out on behalf of those often pushed to the margins of society.  The award was announced on Thursday as part of...

By Phumzile Mavimbela almost 2 years ago

Greatest Africans: A.P Mda

“South Africa belongs to all the people who inhabit it by RIGHT and NOT by MIGHT” – A.P Mda (1955)Early YearsAs a young boy, Ashby Peter Solomzi Mda listened attentively as his grandmother related tales of how his family trekked from their home in the Qumbu region of the Transkei to where he was born in the Hershel district of the Leso...

By Joburg Post over 3 years ago

Africa’s Greatest Football Clubs: Al Hilal

Al-Hilal Club has been the light of Omdurman and the people of Sudan for over seven decades. As the country’s most dominant team since its formation in 1930, the Crescent has won over 20 leagues titles. The club was formed with the purpose of uniting locals and creating intellectual friendship after the 1926 revolution.  Founded at the...

By Joburg Post over 3 years ago

Greatest Africans: : Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“My humanity is bound up in yours, for we can only be human together.” - Desmond TutuEARLY LIFE Desmond Mpilo Tutu was born in Klerksdorp on 7 October 1931. His father, Zachariah, who was educated at a Mission school, was the headmaster of a high school in Klerksdorp, a small town in the Western Transvaal (now North West Province). His...

By Joburg Post over 3 years ago

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