National Department of Sport, Art and Culture hosts national recreation day and big walk

By Phumzile Mavimbela

The National Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) in partnership with Gauteng Provincial Department of Sport, Arts, Culture and Recreation, Sport For Social Change Network, City of Tshwane and City of Joburg will this coming weekend Friday, 2 and Sunday 4 October, 2020 host two downscaled #IChoose2BActive national events commencing with National Recreation Day (NRD), ending up with National Big Walk. 
Due to COVID – 19 and in line with Government Risk Adjustment Strategy, this year’s #IChoose2BActive events (NRD and Big Walk) implementation methodology has been downscaled so that there is adherence to Disaster Management Regulations in relation to the containment of COVID – 19.  The events will be taking place in a more controlled environment accommodating not more than the allocated number of people as per Regulations available.  
Both upcoming #Ichoose2BActive events are highly acclaimed Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) activities focusing on positive lifestyle and healthy living with the objective of getting South Africans habituated to living healthy.  
National Recreation Day was declared by Cabinet back in 2014 and scheduled to take effect annually on the 1st Friday of October. The joint jam - packed collaborated event is anticipated to be hosted in a torch relay format with all nine province involved. The torch will be virtually handed over to the next province who in return will keep it burning for duration of their activities (maximum 2hrs) before handing over the torch to the next province. 

Watch the space for visuals never seen before; Gauteng will hand over the torch as a soccer ball virtually while the next province in return catching it as a tennis ball; tennis being their area of focus as an activity for the day. 
The relay format will be commencing as follows: 
Gauteng – Pretoria launch site, at 06h00 am to 07h20 am 
Once done, the Principal will then hand over the baton to the next province in line, this time being Northern Cape; Northern Cape – SSCN member NGO – AGAPE Copeland 07h20 – 08h40 am 
Mpumalanga – SSCN member NGO – Children of the Dawn 08h40 am – 10h00 am 
North West – SSCN member NGO – Special Olympics 10h00 am – 11h20 am 
Limpopo – SSCN Member NGO – Sporting Chance 11h20 am – 12h40 pm 
Free State – SSCN member NGO Free State Sport For Change 12h40 14h00 pm 
Eastern Cape – SSCN member NGO United Through Sports 14h00 15h20 pm 
Kwa Zulu – SSCN member NGO Peace Players International 15h20 – 16h40 pm 
Western Cape – SSCN member NGO – School of Hard Knocks 16h40 – 18h00 pm 
The National Recreation Day will be hosted in association with Sport for Social Change Network (SSCN), Gauteng Province and Blue Bulls. The launch in Gauteng will take place as follows: 
On Sunday, 4 October 2020 the National Department and its stakeholders inclusive of sporting personalities and various creatives (the number of participants will not be more than what is regulated) will then embark on a 5km National Big Walk #Ichoose2BActive event this Sunday 04 October , 7AM at Orlando Stadium (Commencement Venue  the walk will proceed to Hector  Peterson ending at Vilakazi Street. 

NB: Note that both events are per invitation and members of the media will be required to confirm their attendance.   

Participants:  Department of Sport, Arts and Culture Minister, Deputy Minister, Director – General, MEC Mbali Hlophe, Sport personalities and legends, members of the creative industry, City of Joburg senior officials, Sport for Social Change Network (SSCN). 

South Africans are invited to join the virtual BIG WALK in their own territory in the 5km, 10 km or 15 km. The starting time is 07h00. To participate, you will need to register for free from today, 1 October 2020 on Upon landing on the webpages, lookout for the BIG WALK Logo, click on it and follow the guide. 

The 2020 THE BIG WALK Live Results will be available via web at Have a Smartphone? Download the SportSplits Tracker Mobile App at and select the 2020 BIG WALK event. Participants, Family & Friends can all use Live Results to share in the excitement. On race day, spectators can get status of participants in real-time using the Live Tracker & Leaderboard. Details such as time, pace, position on the map and estimated finish will be instantly available! Sign Up to have race progress posted automatically to your Twitter feeds. 

The 2020 BIG WALK is featuring the latest in real-time race tracking by providing Live Results via SportSplits (MSA)

Features Include: 

Live Web Tracker - See times and current pace within seconds of a participant crossing each split point. Estimated times will be provided based on current pace. 

Live Leaderboard - See who is winning via the Live Leaderboard. Top runners in each category will be displayed in real-time as they lead the way through the course. 

Real-time Twitter Notifications - Get automatic posting as progress is made on the course. As a spectator, the times of the participant you are tracking can be posted to your Twitter feed automatically allowing friends and family to share in the excitement! If you are a participant, claim your profile and enable Twitter notifications. Your stats will post live as you pass each checkpoint. 

Live Map Tracking - Participant locations will be plotted on the Interactive Course Map as progress is made on course. The position of each participant is estimated based on the most recent timing received from the bib read. NOTE: Participants do not need to carry their phones for this feature to work. 

Text2Follow® - Follow participants in real-time via text notifications to your mobile phone. 

Mobile App - Features include Live Participant Tracking, Push Notifications, Leaderboards, Map Tracking, Event Messages, Event Info and more! 

PLEASE NOTE: Times posted during the event are Unofficial. Official results are posted upon completion of the event. 

Unable to register, worry not as you may still partake in your corner and share those beautiful pictures and videos for the reason that #UChoose2BActive. 

Media always plays an important part in being the medium between government and the community at large. It is for the one amongst many reasons that we request your presence and coverage of these government activities. 

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