Perfumes To Look Out For : My Way By Giorgio Armani

By Phumzile Mavimbela

 Girgio Armani has launched a new perfume MY WAY  which they say it is an open invitation to help you to follow your path. 

Embodied by Adria Arjona, the fragrance expresses the ability to be yourself, to follow your own path and to create your own way of life. Her motto is: “I am what I live.” She says every step of the way and every stage in life  helps her to develop her personality as a woman.

In it's design, Giorgio Armani created the perfume as a bouquet of white flowers that accompanies its muse on a journey.
That olfactory journey has been created with the finest and most beautiful ingredients from around the world. 

According to Lo'real MY WAY is also an ambitious sustainability project. From the selection of ingredients, to the moment when the perfume appears on the shelves, it incorporates  a set of deep-rooted commitments. "

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