Miss SA Hopeful Tamsyn Jack is an aspiring author and shares a birthday with Albert Einstein

By Joburg Post

 “I am from Somerset West in the Western Cape. I am an entrepreneur working with some of South Africa’s leading start-ups and small businesses. I graduated with a Food Science Degree from the University of Stellenbosch. I am compassionate, brave and inquisitive and love listening to podcasts while getting ready for the day. It is a dream of mine to meet women’s rights activist and actress Emma Watson”. 
5 short facts about me 
1.      I am an entrepreneur. 
2.    I am passionate about serving young women in our country by connecting them with great mentors and creating opportunities for them to explore entrepreneurship. 
3.    I love to write. I would love to be the author of a book some day. I would call it A Way In The Wilderness
4.    I was born on the same day as Albert Einstein (March 14), which also happens to be pi day – a day dedicated to the mathematical constant 3.14. 
5.    I would describe myself as a compassionate and inquisitive go-getter. 
The Miss SA finals takes centre stage on 13 August 2022 at the Sun Bet Arena, Time Square, Tshwane 

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