MMC Tembe condemns the killing of Metro Police Officers

By City of Joburg media

It is with a deep sense of sadness and anger that I announce yet another killing of an officer belonging to Joburg’s finest metro police department

 Our communities are under attack. Even those with a badge are no exceptions. Crime and lawlessness continues, more so in vulnerable areas like Braamfischerville, Soweto. 
Shot seven times, Officer Bongani Ngwenya is the latest victim to have succumbed to injuries due to gun violence. He was on official leave. It is alleged that on August 30, at about 05:00am, Ngwenya found himself in the middle of a squabble with a local taxi driver and patroller in Braamfischerville. 
He attempted to drive off, but the taxi was hot on his trails. He lost control of the vehicle, enabling his pursuers to catch up with him and let loose a hail of bullets that ended his life. The taxi patroller was found to have been the one that ultimately pulled the trigger.                      
The patroller handed himself over to the Dobsonville SAPS, carrying two firearms, one of which, was Ngwenya’s.  He has since been detained for further questioning, alongside the taxi driver. Every day, guns and violence are in our streets, but we remain unyielding. We remain determined. 
The department has pronounced on multiple times that it will not surrender to criminals. We are on a mission to restore law and order. It’s unacceptable that residents, and by extension police officers-   are turned into victims in their own backyards. 
Public Safety is accountable to the communities it is mandated to look after. It’s for that reason that we believe that more boots on the ground will improve the quality of life for our residents, especially at problematic hotspot areas. 
Bongani Ngwenya served with distinction. Like any self-respecting metro police officer, he was dedicated and committed to the oath that dictates that he serves and protects. He joined JMPD as a trainee in 2017, subsequently graduating in 2019 as part of the 1500 officers who were recruited. He has been described as being high spirited & somewhat funny, by those who worked closely with him. 

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