Joburg Water flowing in the right direction

By Michael Sun- MMC for Environment and Infrastructure Services department in the City of Joburg

Joburg Water is making steady progress in replacing Johannesburg’s old sewage and water piping infrastructure as well as completing road reinstatements following emergency and scheduled maintenance

In the final quarter of the 2022/23 financial year over 100km of water piping and just under 70km of sewage piping was replaced against the targets of 26km and 15km respectively. This equates to 385% and 467% of overachievement of the targets.

“These numbers bring a smile to my face. It is evidence that Joburg Water is making serious progress in replacing aged water infrastructure in Johannesburg as we have promised to our residents.” MMC for Environment & Infrastructure Services Department (EISD) Cllr. Michael Sun

These developments from May to July this year have aided Joburg Water in providing over 3,000 more households in Johannesburg with basic water services and securing a 12% drop in sewage blockages within the entire system for the period.

“Many residents don’t know that many parts of our infrastructure are decades old and in some cases water pipes are older than 100 years,” Cllr. Michael Sun said.

“We take full cognisance that there is still much work to be done to fix Johannesburg, we will continue to work with Joburg Water to ensure progress continues to be made.

In this regard Joburg Water is moving swiftly to repair pavements and roads excavated for emergency repairs and scheduled maintenance. The entity is currently dealing with a backlog of almost 1400 minor road reinstatements yet to be completed after filling over 26000 road cavities of varying complexity in July and August alone.

In addition to this, Joburg Water is working with the Johannesburg Roads Agency to address 21 sinkholes identified in the past few months. Repairs are expected to be completed by the end of 2022.

“We want to assure residents that we will not rest until Joburg is fixed and will ensure Joburg Water keeps to its promises. Joburgers deserve no less.”

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