ANC and DA to Battle it out Again in Court Today

By Tshegofatso Makola

The DA and ANC are set to square off once again regarding the ANC’s Cadre Deployment Policy. The two parties convened in court yesterday and each brought their own arguments forward regarding the governing party’s policy. Court proceedings on this matter are set to resume today.

If Eskom wasn’t enough of an issue, Cadre Deployment definitely is for the official opposition of the country, the Democratic Alliance. This comes as the Counsel for the DA voiced their concerns against the African National Congress (ANC)’s policy of cadre deployment and development, even comparing it to a “cancer”.

The DA took the ANC to the Pretoria High Court on 23 January 2023 in hopes to declare the policy as unconstitutional.

According to the official opposition, the policy fosters corruption and undermines our right to equality, adding that it further contradicts the Constitution’s requirement for all public service to be exempt from interference from any political party or organisation. 

Speaking at the Court Proceedings, DA representative, advocate Anton Katz posed a question as to whether those in court were okay with the ANC controlling all levers of the state adding that the “cancer” (cadre deployment) ought to be removed “so there can be a clean body going forward”. 

The DA’s sentiments have been echoed by AfriForum, who like the official opposition, believe that the ANC policy contradicts some sections of the country’s constitution. 

The lobby group has argued that the policy is discriminatory, adding that it “unashamedly exposes the party’s ambitions to seize total control over every aspect of the State”. 

Atriforum has also expressed that the policy allows for indirect discrimination on the grounds of their beliefs and race adding that white individuals have been sidelined within the ANC.

Meanwhile, the ANC has maintained the idea that the policy is protected by their right to freedom of expression, adding that this policy has been there since 1985.

Representative for the ANC, advocate Les Morrison expressed that the DA’s argument of the policy being unconstitutional is “nonsensical”, with advocate Mfundo Salukazana for the ANC expanding on this by adding that the DA failed to provide proof that the policy has led to the appointment of unqualified cadres.

Court proceedings are set to resume today, 24 January 2023.

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