City of Joburg Prepares Itself for the New Prepaid Electricity System

By City of Johannesburg Councillor Michael Sun

The current prepaid electricity voucher system will run out of voucher sequences for the unique tokens produced specifically for each meter by the 24th of November 2024.

The TID (Token Identifier) system is a security measure that ensures that a token can only be used once and for the meter number it was purchased.

This means that token purchased after this date will not be recognized by the current prepaid meter installed since 1993. In resolving this system issue, City Power will embark on a programme to upgrade Smart meters or replace older meters.

“This is a system linked limitation and not unexpected, however with the recent articles published in the media, it has caused quite a panic in the public space. We certainly do not want to scramble at the last minute and want to ensure that prepaid electricity customers continue to receive services when the new system kicks in towards the end of 2024” said MMC Michael Sun.

The current Standard Transfer Specification (STS) system has been in place since 1993 and will stop dispensing voucher sequences on 24 November 2024. The STS provides the facility of generating tokens which can only be used by the intended meter, and in the case of credit tokens, can only be used once in that meter.

“When the time comes, the prepaid meters will stop accepting new credit tokens and will then stop dispensing electricity after the existing credits are used up” said MMC Sun

Any tokens generated after this date and utilizing the 24- digit number will be rejected by the meters as being old tokens
“I urge customers with the affected meters in Johannesburg to cooperate with the City Power officials when they arrive on your premises to upgrade or replace your meters.” said MMC Sun

Always ask City Power technicians to show you their appointment cards. Here is how to identify a City Power official:
The staff card will have the
➢ Name of the official
➢ The ID number of the official
➢ The department where the official is from
➢ And an expiry date written on a colour coded strip: 

  • Blue - permanent employees
  • Green - Meter readers
  • Purple - Contractors
  • Red - Cut off teams
  • Black - Interns/ temporary staff

➢ On the back of the card, there is a hologram of City Power’s Firefly logo and
the contact numbers for the Risk Team should you want to verify the staff member’s ID number.

If you are still unsure, please call 011 490 7900/7911/7553 for assistance.

Taken from CLLR. Michael Sun, the MMC: Environment and Infrastructure Services Department

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