Kaya 959's line-up change: Sizwe Dhlomo steps in as stand-in presenter

By Lindelwa Masuku

The recent line-up change at Kaya 959, a renowned South African radio station, has brought forth an exciting shift in talent, with the introduction of Sizwe Dhlomo as the stand-in host.

As a seasoned media personality, radio presenter, and entrepreneur, Sizwe Dhlomo's appointment comes as no surprise, given his track record and immense popularity among audiences. With his unique blend of charisma, wit, and expertise, Dhlomo is undoubtedly the ideal candidate for this position, as outlined in the media statement provided.

Dedication to the well-being of the Team:

The management at Kaya 959 has emphasized the importance of prioritizing the well-being of their team, and this line-up change reflects their commitment to supporting their staff members. 

By openly sharing her struggles on social media, Dineo Ranaka sparked a proactive response from the station, leading to immediate adjustments. 

Sizwe Dhlomo's appointment as the stand-in host for the 959 Breakfast Show demonstrates the station's determination to provide a supportive environment for their talent.

Experience and Versatility:

Sizwe Dhlomo's vast experience in the media industry positions him as an exceptional choice for this role. Having made his mark as a radio presenter on popular stations like YFM and 5FM, Dhlomo has showcased his versatility and captivated audiences with his engaging on-air presence. 

His ability to connect with listeners, deliver compelling content, and maintain a dynamic flow throughout his shows has earned him a dedicated following.

Television Presence:

Beyond his radio success, Sizwe Dhlomo has also made a significant impact on television. Hosting shows such as "All Access Mzansi" and "Real Goboza," he has established himself as a multifaceted media personality. His experience in the television industry has honed his interviewing skills and his ability to bring forth entertaining and informative content. 

This expertise will undoubtedly contribute to his stand-in role on the 959 Breakfast show, ensuring an engaging and enjoyable listening experience for Kaya 959's audience.

Entrepreneurial Spirit:

Dhlomo's entrepreneurial ventures further exemplify his drive and ambition. As a co-owner of the urban streetwear clothing store "SOL-SOL," he has demonstrated his business acumen and ability to navigate different industries. 

This entrepreneurial spirit brings a fresh perspective to his role as a stand-in host, enabling him to connect with diverse audiences and explore unique avenues to entertain and engage listeners.

With Sizwe Dhlomo joining the Kaya 959 team as the stand-in host, the radio station has undoubtedly made a wise choice. Dhlomo's experience, versatility, dedication to his craft, and entrepreneurial mindset make him the perfect candidate for this position. 

As listeners tune in to the 959 Breakfast show, they can expect an enjoyable experience with Sizwe Dhlomo at the helm, ensuring that Kaya 959 continues to deliver exceptional content and entertainment.

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