AVIJOZI 2023: Igniting innovation in animation and visual effects

By Lindelwa Masuku

AVIJOZI 2023 brought forth an exhilarating fusion of technology and creativity at the University of Johannesburg Arts and Culture APK campus.

In the wake of the exhilarating AVIJOZI 2023 event held on September 16th and 17th at the captivating University of Johannesburg Arts and Culture APK campus.

The event was a resounding success, boasting an impressive turnout of 3,831 festival-goers over two unforgettable days, making it an exceptional and dynamic festival experience.

AVIJOZI event was a vibrant showcase of creativity and opportunities. The gallery transformed into an interactive haven for aspiring creatives. Image supplied.

Reflecting on the triumph of AVIJOZI 2023, one cannot help but be inspired by the unity, creativity, and dedication displayed by our vibrant community. 

AVIJOZI, an acronym for Animation, Visual Effects, and Interactive Event, serves as a pivotal gathering, connecting a diverse array of professionals and enthusiasts from the realms of animation, visual effects, interactive spaces, software development, and beyond. 

AVIJOZI event was a vibrant showcase of creativity and opportunities. Image Supplied.

This free-of-charge festival endeavours to ignite collaboration and kindle substantial interest, locally and internationally, in these dynamic fields. 

Whether a seasoned industry professional or a budding enthusiast, AVIJOZI offers a tapestry of opportunities to enrich and enlighten.

Nosipho Maketo van den Bragt, the visionary Chief Executive Officer of this endeavour, embodies the spirit of innovation and multifaceted creativity. 

AVIJOZI Alley was an electric space, igniting the spark of future innovators. A big shoutout to the phenomenal exhibitors. Image Supplied.

As an attorney, creative business entrepreneur, and aspiring writer, Nosipho's passion lies in storytelling and bringing concepts to life in visually realistic ways. 

Co-founding Chocolate Tribe in 2014, she has steered the studio toward producing work of the highest international standard, cultivating young talent, and promoting growth and development in the animation and VFX industry.

In the realm of gaming, technology stands as a driving force, propelling the evolution of immersive experiences. 

Esteemed South African Artist Esther Mahlangu to Headline AVIJOZI Festival: Bridging Heritage & Creativity. Image Supplied.

Advanced hardware and software have elevated gaming into a realm of unprecedented interactivity and visual splendor. 

Innovations like virtual and augmented reality have redefined how users engage with digital content, painting a promising future for interactive technology.

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