Bubblegum Gallery presents 'LET THE KID PAINT!' An exhibition by Ayanfe Olarinde

By Lindelwa Masuku

Get ready to journey through a vibrant tapestry of culture, folklore, and artistic expression at Bubblegum Gallery's upcoming exhibition, LET THE KID PAINT! by Ayanfe Olarinde. 

The canvas becomes a gateway to a realm where Yoruba folklore tales are reborn, infused with a modern twist and a nod to age-old wisdom.  

Aeroplani o’dabo II (the contentment song), Ayanfe Olarinde. Image supplied

Ayanfe, with her brushstrokes, beckons us to pause, reflect, and rediscover the essence of ancient stories in a contemporary world.

As the sun dips on September 26th, art enthusiasts and culture aficionados will gather at ConHill Women's Jail, eager to be immersed in Ayanfe's world. 

The lover who almost became a reality, Ayanfe Olarinde. Image supplied

She delves into the rich tapestry of Yoruba heritage, unraveling narratives that time might have subtly altered. 

In her creations, Orishas and Egun dance on the canvas, mirroring the delicate balance and harmony that the Yoruba religion generates. 

Genesis, Ayanfe Olarinde. Image supplied

Attendees can anticipate an artistic journey that transcends mere visuals. Ayanfe's work becomes a bridge, connecting generations and identities. 

With each brushstroke, she invites us to reflect on our own narratives, encouraging us to question and celebrate our complexities. 

Nigerian artist Ayanfe Olarinde. Image supplied

LET THE KID PAINT! isn't just an event; it's an invitation to embrace the whispers of history, painted vividly by a talented artist unafraid to let her inner child run wild on the canvas.

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