CCIFSA leads protest to protect creatives from Copyright Bill

By Lindelwa Masuku

The Copyright Amendment Bill's "Fair Use" clause is causing uncertainty about the acceptable use of copyrighted content. CCIFSA's march seeks to address concerns and prevent potential exploitation by foreign companies, aiming to protect South African artists' rights and livelihoods.

Led by the Cultural and Creative Industries Federation of South Africa (CCIFSA), are lending their voices to a critical cause—the protection of their creative rights against the looming Copyright Amendment Bill. 

This march transcends mere demonstration; it's an earnest endeavour to defend the fundamental essence of artistic expression from the encroaching shadows of uncertainty.

The Copyright Amendment Bill, currently under debate, has stirred concerns within South Africa's creative community due to its potential ramifications. 

The march led by (CCIFSA) aims to highlight these concerns. 

Instagram photo - A united front of artists affected by the 'fair use' clause, march in solidarity.

At its core, the contentious "Fair Use" clause in the Bill is causing alarm. This clause, if implemented as is, could lead to ambiguity regarding the fair use of copyrighted content, creating uncertainty over what constitutes permissible usage. 

This uncertainty might enable large foreign companies to exploit the work of South African artists without appropriate compensation or permissions, a situation the march seeks to prevent.

The Copyright Amendment Bill's "Fair Use" clause, is in its last phase of the parliamentary and legislative process

Should this clause materialise in its current form, it has the potential to cast open the floodgates of foreign exploitation, leaving our own creators bereft of both compensation and acknowledgment. 

The CCIFSA's resolute involvement magnifies the gravity of this issue. As custodians of South Africa's creative landscape, they understand that this is more than a battle for artists—it's a fight for the very sustenance of artistic endeavour. 

Instagram photo - A united front of artists affected by the 'fair use' clause, march in solidarity.

This assembly of impassioned voices speaks to a collective resolve: policy makers and those in power must heed this plea, recognise the weight of this matter, and take definitive measures to protect the delicate ecosystem that nurtures our artistic soul. 

This is no mere demonstration; it's a resolute stance in the name of preserving the sanctity of South African creativity.

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