Drama, culture shock and lasting friendships: An interview with Nelisa Msila of Big Brother Titans

By Lindelwa Masuku

We get to know Nelisa Msila, one of the housemates on the joint South African and Nigerian edition of the Big Brother franchise, Big Brother Titans. 

Big Brother Titans is the joint South African and Nigerian edition of the Big Brother franchise. The theme is "Ziyakhala Wahala". The series follows contestants as they live in an isolated house and compete for a cash prize at the end of the show by avoiding being evicted from the house by the viewers who vote on their favourite housemates to stay on the show. The show features housemates from South Africa and Nigeria.

The show premiered on 15 January 2023 on DStv

Nelisa talks about her motivation for joining the show, her experience in the house, relationships she formed, challenges faced, lessons learned, and future plans.

Nelisa Msila, is a creative director and digital marketing student who recently appeared on the joint South African and Nigerian edition of the Big Brother franchise called Big Brother Titans. 

Nelisa talks about her experience in the house, the challenges she faced, her relationships with other contestants and what she learned from her time on the show. 

She also shares her motivation for participating in the show, her strategy to win, and how her experience on the show has impacted her life. 

In this interview, Nelisa provides insights into the reality TV show, offering an honest account of what it was like living in an isolated house and competing for a cash prize.

1. What motivated you to participate in Big Brother Titans, and what was your strategy to win?

My motivation behind entering was simply because I've always believed that I'm an entertaining person and people would have a blast watching me because of all the drama and chaos that follows me on a daily basis. 

Strategy wise, I didn't have any... I hardly watched the show in the past and didn't think its strategy would help because you don't know who you're meeting and big brother is always full of surprises, that would mean constantly changing whatever game plan I have.

2. How did you find living in the house with the other contestants? Were there any conflicts or friendships that you developed during your time on the show?

Living in the house was a culture shock and not only because it was both Nigerians and South Africans under one house, it was the vastness in backgrounds... I learnt a lot from the other contests and conflicts that were given, so many big personalities under one roof.

Friendships, I've honestly found friendships that will last forever such as Yemi, Yaya, Jaypee, Kananga and Tsatsi. I valued them in the house and I've come to value them even more outside.

3. Can you describe your relationship with your partner, Yemi Cregx, and how you supported each other during your time on the show?

We're such opposites but that worked for us, I honestly think being tails of house if what drew us closer, we decided that then and there whatever happens we were going to enjoy being in the house and have fun with the game, we were each others rock and safe haven when need be, Yemi fast became my best friend in that house whatever I needed, whenever I needed him he was there and I hope I was the same for him.

4. Were there any challenges that you faced during your time on the show, and how did you overcome them?

Privacy, you could never get a moment alone just to think, I think I and most of the other housemates realised the best way to get a moment alone was to sleep... so I slept when I was feeling down.

5. What was the most valuable lesson you learned from your time in the Big Brother Titans house?

To shoot for the stars even if the dream is unbelievable...Not only being on the show taught me that but, week in and week out with the tasks... shooting your shot and trying because you don't know the outcome until you intentionally put yourself in the position to find out.

6. Were there any misconceptions about you or your partner that were portrayed on the show?

They were and they are, I think mostly in regards to the relationships we formed in the house, but that's okay. People are entitled to their opinions. The rest will reveal itself after the show.

7. What was your most memorable moment in the Big Brother Titans house?

I've got a couple, from winning the task that let me get Yemi as a partner, to all the wager tasks and being able to explore my creativity and grow my skills, even winning Head Of House is a memory in itself.

8. How has your experience on the show impacted your life, and what are your future plans?

My life is forever changed, and the trajectory of my life has changed as well. I'm definitely sending in demos to radio stations and exploring everything that can be explored which was not an option before this.

9. Can you share any upcoming projects or events that you are involved in?

I have a podcast and YouTube channel in the works, also working on the demos to send out to possible radio stations and in terms of events... I've been in talks with hosting one event I've been dreaming about but can't mention the name just yet. Oh and the Creatives meet, a networking event for creatives is definitely coming back... 

10. What message would you like to give to your fans who have been supporting you throughout your journey on the show?

Sometimes I feel like thank you is not enough, they supported me like no other and keeping me in that house for 7 weeks is no small feat. I'm so grateful to them and their support and I hope I make them proud on the outside and they remain drawn to the person they fell in love with on the inside, the journey has only just begun.

Nelisa's experience on Big Brother Titans was an unforgettable one. She showcased her creative and social skills and formed friendships that she hopes will last a lifetime. 

The show provided Nelisa with a platform to shoot for the stars and pursue her dreams. 

She is now exploring new opportunities and sending demos to radio stations. The show may be over, but Nelisa's journey has only just begun.

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    Nelisa deserves everything great and more! Yes ,Nelisa's journey has just begun and she'll do amazing things. I pray she gets everything her heart desires and may god protect and guide her!


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