J’Something launches the 'Artistry' - A Unique fusion of food and entertainment

By Lindelwa Masuku

Local singer and songwriter J’Something has just launched his newest venture called the, 'Artistry', a restaurant that aims to merge the worlds of food and entertainment. 

The restaurant, which opened its doors on February 25th, is located in the heart of Sandton in Johannesburg and promises to be an all-in-one spot for entertainment where individuals can come together to share their talents and inspire one another.

J’Something outside his newly established restaurant

While J’Something is best known for his music career, he is also passionate about cooking and the art of performance. He has long dreamed of finding a unique way to bring food and entertainment together, and Artistry is the realisation of that dream. Speaking about the launch of the restaurant, J’Something said, 

"We gonna build an incredible team and an incredible experience and I want you to be apart of it…Artistry is a cultural platform that will bring you the best of the culinary, cinematic, theatrical and musical arts.”

In addition to the restaurant experience, Artistry will also host monthly "flagship" events, such as Artistry Live, a music event limited to 100 guests that includes dinner. 

J’Something sharing laughs with friends and family at his new establishment

These tailor-made events will showcase some of the best musical talents in the country, and will make use of all three floors of the restaurant. Each event will have an afterparty featuring a DJ.

J’Something believes that Artistry will act as a platform for all creatives, and hopes that it will become a hub for artists, musicians, and performers of all kinds. The restaurant's unique concept and commitment to showcasing local talent has already garnered attention from the public and media alike.

J’Something's Artistry

The launch of Artistry is a testament to J’Something's passion for food, music, and the arts. He hopes that the restaurant will not only provide a unique dining experience, but also serve as a place where creatives can come together to collaborate and share their talents. 

J’Something's Artistry

If the success of the launch is anything to go by, Artistry looks set to become a cultural hub for Johannesburg's artistic community.

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