Janu-worry to End off More Worrisome as Fuel Price Increase is Expected

By Tshegofatso Makola

Motorists have been feeling quite some ease throughout the month after the drastic fuel price decrease for the month of January, however, this reality could be short lived as this may change next month.

With the year already off to a shaky start, the last thing consumers need is an increase to fuel prices. 

Consumers may have to dig deeper into their pockets for yet another month, with the fuel price expected to rise at the beginning of February. 

This comes following recent data released by the Central Energy Fund that suggests that both 93 and 95 unleaded petrol will see an increase. 

According to the data, 93, unleaded is expected to increase 25 cents a litre. This while, 95 unleaded petrol is expected to increase by a hefty 32 cents a litre, bringing the cost to R21,10 at coastal provinces and R21,15 inland. 

Diesel motorists may be able to breathe a sigh of relief, as data suggests that the price of diesel may decrease by 6 cents per litre. 

According to reports, the rising price of Brent crude oil is a major contributor to the increase, with many fuel experts warning of an even higher increase later in February.

With the cost of living increasing, and the state of consumers’ finances still volatile after the festive season, one can only imagine the impact that the fuel price increase will have on the masses.

Despite this, figures are ever changing and consumers will have to wait until the Department of energy issues out its official statement.

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