Launch of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Institute of South Africa


Cabinet has welcomed the collaboration between the DCDT, Tshwane University of Technology and the University of Johannesburg that resulted in the launch of the AI Institute of South at the Johannesburg Business School yesterday.

The first-of-its-kind institute ushers a new era in South Africa’s digital transformation efforts. It will stimulate economic growth, address unemployment and create a positive social impact. The AI Institute will expand the teaching of robotics and coding currently being offered in public schools.

The institute is designed to ensure that government academia and industry work together in a unique partnership to apply their collective knowledge, expertise and experience to implement coordinated solutions to some of South Africa and Africa’s most critical and long-standing challenges, and to take the continent forward.

Government’s focus on digital skills includes creating platforms to support and promote the ability of youth, and small and medium enterprises, in particular start-ups, to develop digital content.

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