President Cyril Ramaphosa heaps praise on Trevor Noah after winning an Emmy Award

By Neo Poho

President Cyril Ramaphosa has congratulated South African comedian Trevor Noah for his win at the Emmy Awards for the talk show, the Daily Show.

The Emmy Awards – also known as the Emmys – are an annual awards ceremony for International and American television shows.

Noah and the Daily Show crew won the Outstanding Talk Series award at the Emmys.

On social media site X, President Ramaphosa said: “Congratulations to Trevor Noah on winning a prestigious Emmy Award for The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

“Winning Outstanding Talk Series in a very competitive scene is no laughing matter.  Trevor’s part of a stellar cast of South Africans globally, whose diverse talents and skills are enjoyed and valued wherever they go," Ramaphosa added.

Also on X, the President wished learners well as schools re-open for the start of the school academic year.

“As the doors of learning open to 1.2 million Grade 1 learners today, we welcome these children, learners in other grades, their families and our educators back to school.

Education is the key to personal growth and success and that of our nation, lets work together as community members and professional educators to create the conditions for our children to thrive in the classroom, at home and in society more broadly and welcome back," Ramaphosa alluded.

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