Registrations halted as SRC members protest

By Neo Poho

Day 2 of the walk-in Registrations at Sedibeng TVET College in Vanderbijlpark were halted on Tuesday as the EFF and ANC SRC members protested for the rights of the students.

The protest was aimed at making sure that all returning students and new applicants for 2023 get registered and enrolled in the college.

This is due to the fact that the management and staff of the campus have reported that there is no longer space for students to get registered and enrolled for the 2023 Academic year.

EFF SRC member Kagiso Nkuna mentioned that they are going to make sure that every student whether returning or new will be registered and enrolled.

"The management is once again failing us as the students of Sedibeng College, this is not the first time such an incident has occurred, we are protesting for the rights of the students and the college has to take us into confidence," Nkuna said.

In a country of different political parties and different political motives and beliefs, it was rather encouraging to see the SRC of the ANC and the EFF stand in solidarity for the best interest of the students.

The SRC members also stated that corruption is the engine that drives the college, "We recently also discovered that a member of the staff manually registered his nephew at the college and after thorough investigations we managed to identify the culprit and also made sure that the student will not get access to the campus,"

"Matric results were announced and given last week Friday, how is it possible that today on a Tuesday the courses are full ?" The staff of this institution is granting admission to their family members first and that is why we believe that the system of this college has been manipulated," Nkuna added.

New applicants who just completed their National Senior Certificate in 2022 were seen sleeping outside the gate of the campus from Monday night due to the high volume of students who came to get registered on Tuesday morning.

Nkuna furthermore alluded that some students who had already applied online last year have not received any feedback from the college and when asked why, the college staff complained about the poor state of the institution's system, that it is low.

"Classes are expected to commence soon and we unfortunately will not allow that to happen before all students are registered and enrolled, there is space in this college, courses are not full because our matriculants have just recently received their results, " Nkuna concluded.

The College representative was not available to comment however the management of the campus will meet with the SRC members on Wednesday morning the 25th of January 2023.

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