Solomzi Moleketi: Unpacking histories and narratives through landscapes

By Lindelwa Masuku

Solomzi Moleketi is a South African visual artist whose work explores the intersection of history, memory, and landscape. His paintings seek to reconstruct the distorted histories of indigenous peoples and create a space for their voices to be heard. 

In this interview with Joburg Post's 'Visionaries In Focus' column, Moleketi shares his creative process, inspiration, and experiences as an artist.

Solomzi Moleketi has an impressive background in Theatre Arts. Although painting was not his initial focus, he was introduced to it by his cousin, Bulumko Mbete, who is also an artist. 

Moleketi enrolled in the BA Fine Arts program at Wits University and has been creating art ever since. His work has an intense focus on landscapes, informed by extensive reading and research of oral and written histories of places and people. 

Moleketi's aim is to weave together many micro-histories to construct an idea of what a place could look like, to celebrate and honour it as a monument in itself. When asked about his creative process, Moleketi emphasises his passion for researching hidden moments locked within our heritage.