11 female Ugandan MPs arrested for protesting, days after Museveni's "change of heart"

By Tshegofatso Makola

A total of eleven female Ugandan members of parliament (MPs) were arrested on Thursday due to what the police have since described as the staging of an unlawful protest. The group was arrested outside the parliamentary buildings.

The protesters were intending to hand over a letter of demands to the Minister of Internal Affairs for what they have described as police brutality and excessive force when dispersing their functions.

Following their arrest, numerous videos have circulated showcasing police displaying excessive force towards the protesters, leaving some injured, with the Ugandan Parliament's Deputy Speaker, Thomas Tayebwa condemning this act.

In a statement he released on his social media, Tayebwa expressed that some of the protesters had their clothes torn, adding that it was as if police were arresting terrorists.

Meanwhile, police have since denied claims accusing them of using excessive force, adding that the protesters were resisting arrest and had allegedly injured police personal.

The MPs have since been released on a police bond.

Uganda finds itself in a predicament, where those who disagree with President Yoweri Museveni are often subject to excessive police force.

With Museveni having recently called on parliament to reconsider the newly passed Anti-LGBTQIA+ Bill of 2023, one will wait in anticipation to see how this unfolds in Uganda.

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