Urgent call for safety precautions in Alexandra as EMS firefighters douse shack blaze

By Councillor Dr. Mgcini Tshwaku Member of the Mayoral Committee Department of Public Safety - media statement

The City of Johannesburg’s Emergency Management Services (EMS) firefighters 
swiftly responded to a distress call regarding multiple shack fires in the Setjwetla 
informal settlement in Alexandra in the early hours of Sunday.

Tragically, four shacks were consumed by the blaze, resulting in the loss of one male 
life and leaving another resident injured. Currently, the affected families have found 
temporary shelter with the assistance of their friends.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the fire was likely caused by faulty electrical 
connections. The South African Police Service (SAPS) will conduct a thorough 
investigation into the incident. The Johannesburg Metropolitan Police Department 
(JMPD) and Ward committees were also present at the scene to provide support and 
coordinate efforts.

Dr. Mgcini Tshwaku, the MMC for Public Safety, commends EMS firefighters for their 
rapid response to the incident. MMC Tshwaku urges residents, particularly those 
residing in informal settlements, to exercise caution when using heating appliances 
and ensure they are never left unattended, especially during load-shedding.

“By taking safety precautions, we can work together to prevent similar fire incidents 
from occurring,” the MMC said.

The affected families have received relief assistance from Disaster Management and 
Ashrafal Aid. The incident has been reported to both the South African Social 
Security Agency (SASSA) and the City's Social Development department for further 
assessment and intervention.

This previously appeared on The City of Johannesburg. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of The Joburg Post.

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