Making the Most of Your Visit to the City of Gold

Whether you're drawn to the historical significance of Soweto, the artistic flair of Maboneng, or the natural beauty of the surrounding areas, Johannesburg has something to offer every type of traveler. With its rich history, diverse culture, and modern amenities, Johannesburg has become a popular destination for tourists from around t...

By Rofhiwa Mudau - Joburg Post 5 days ago

Navigating Johannesburg City Life with Vigilance this Festive Season

Johannesburg's festive spirit is amplified by its diverse neighborhoods. Engage with local communities, seek advice from festive event organizers, and join forums or groups sharing safety tips for this celebratory season. Locals often offer insights into safe routes and the best places to immerse yourself in the festivities.

By Rofhiwa Mudau - Joburg Post 10 days ago

South African university students use AI to help them understand – not to avoid work

Through their use of AI tools, students can tailor content to address their specific strengths and weaknesses, to have a more engaged learning experience. AI tools can also be a sort of personalised online “tutor” with whom they have “conversations” to help them understand difficult concepts.

By Professor Tanja Bosch, University of Cape Town & Chikezie E. Uzuegbunam, Rhodes University 19 days ago

South Africa grapples with Water Supply challenges amidst growing concerns

One of the primary issues contributing to the water crisis is the impact of climate change on rainfall patterns. Irregular and unpredictable precipitation has led to drought conditions in various parts of the country, placing immense stress on water sources. This has resulted in decreased water levels in dams and reservoirs, affecting ...

By Joburg Post 25 days ago

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