Yeoville Market refurbishment underway after blaze damaged 25 stalls

A total of 25 trading stalls suffered irreparable damage and the cause remains under investigation by the South African Police Service.

MMC Environment Development- Councillor Nkululeko Mbundu ·6 months ago

South Africa’s 2019 Poll Showed Dangerous Signs of ‘Insiders’ and ‘Outsiders’

The general election in South Africa in May conveyed mixed messages: one was that democracy is maturing, the other that it is failing. The good news was that this was very clearly an outcome of a discerning electorate displaying a nuance...

Roger Southall·over 3 years ago

South Africa’s Reckoning: A New United Democratic Front is Needed!

“The world changes, revolutionaries die, and the children forget!” In the song “Nizalwa Ngobani?”, `South African songstress and musical icon, Thandiswa Mazwai opens the song with a statement that has resonated in my heart and mind as So...

Musa Mdunge·over 1 year ago

Solving the electricity challenge is vital for South Africa's investment drive

I met with US President Joe Biden in Washington to discuss several issues of concern to both our countries, including peace and security, climate change and food security

President Cyril Ramaphosa ·6 months ago

From The President's Desk

Dear Fellow South African, The United Nations will this week begin the 75th session of its General Assembly, where the nations of the world gather to seek collective solutions to global challenges. In any other year, heads of sta...

Honorable Cyril Ramaphosa ·over 2 years ago

SIU Welcomes The Discharged MEC Masuku's Decision To Challenge It's Findings.

On Sunday the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) announced that the dismissed Gauteng Health MEC Dr Bandile Masuku had the right to challenge the preliminary findings against him. The SIU found that Masuku failed to uphold the Constituti...

Phumzile Mavimbela·over 2 years ago

From the President's Desk

The launch of the Presidential Employment Stimulus last week marks a fundamental shift in our approach to tackling unemployment. We are undertaking a far-reaching and ambitious public investment in human capital, with the state as bo...

President Cyril Ramaphosa·over 2 years ago

Gwede Mantashe Addresses Joint sitting of Parliament On Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan.

Mineral Resources and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe addressed a joint sitting of Parliament on the debate to the Economic Reconstruction and Recovery Plan, 21 October 2020, National Assembly. The Minister highlighted that When the pan...

Phumzile Mavimbela·over 2 years ago

We need an Evolution in leadership: Football & Politics

Good leadership has the potential to fill voids, while poor leadership exposes the cracks. The role of strong leadership is identifiable when it is missing and easily ignored when present. A common mistake made is to replicate examples o...

Themba Moleketi·over 2 years ago

Whats Trending ? John Steenhuisen takes the throne as DA Leader.

The day all Democratic Alliance ( DA) members have been waiting finally dawned and after a neck on neck contest. The DA finally has a new leader . Voting for Leadership Candidates took place using the online OpaVote platform and ...

Phumzile Mavimbela·over 2 years ago

Ghana’s politics has strong ties with performing arts. This is how it started

Towards the end of the Kwame Nkrumah era in 1966, a number of highlife artists wrote songs critical of him as Ghana’s president. But during the period leading up to independence in 1957 and the early years of independence, most Ghanaian ...

Edmund John Collins ·over 2 years ago

By Elections Results: Here's Whats You Need To Know.

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has released the results of the by-elections, which took place on Wednesday in 95 wards across 55 municipalities in all nine provinces. In a briefing the commission said the elections pro...

Phumzile Mavimbela·over 2 years ago

Residual anger driven by the politics of power has boiled over into conflict in Ethiopia

For three years, between 2015 and early 2018, there were popular protests across Ethiopia, but particularly in the country’s two largest regions – Oromia and Amhara. The popular discontent was driven by the 27-year-long marginalisat...

Yohannes Gedamu ·over 2 years ago

Presidents who subvert democracies they vowed to protect can hit a brick wall: ask Jacob Zuma

Former South African president Jacob Zuma says he won’t comply with a Constitutional Court order to appear before a commission on corruption.  It can be tough when you are a former president in a democracy you have attempted to subv...

Roger Southall·about 2 years ago

The Power of Money in shaping South Africa’s Democratic Order

On 21 January 2021, President Cyril Ramaphosa signed into law the Political Party Funding Act. The law will come into effect on 1 April 2021.  Under this law, political parties with seats in Parliament will get some operational fundin...

Musa Mdunge·about 2 years ago

Johannesburg rejects Eskom's demand for a 38,1% tariff hike

The proposed tariff hike, which is far higher than the current inflation rate, would have a devastating impact on the residents of Johannesburg

City of Joburg·6 months ago

Eldorado Park: Multi-Party Government is addressing residents' concerns

" It is my intention to convene a meeting with the community to outline how we can work together to improve on what is being done, and to repair and rebuild Eldorado Park"

City of Joburg by Councillor Mpho Phalatse ·6 months ago

Why Kenya’s constitutional duels are all about power struggles among the elite

Kenya is in the throes of another agonised constitutional debate. Proponents of the new push for amendments argue that the time is right to cure deficiencies in the 2010 constitution. Yet that document is only a little over 10 years old,...

Macharia Munene Professor of·over 2 years ago

The Rise of John Steenhuisen: The Fall of The Blue Wave

As the dust settles on the Democratic Alliance’s elective conference that saw its interim leader, John Steenhuisen become the official federal leader of South Africa’s official opposition. Let me say from the start that his elections aff...

Musa Mdunge ·over 2 years ago

Nigeria at 61: A giant with challenging crises amid opportunities

As Nigeria marks its 61st anniversary of independence, its citizens are stuck in a general anomie of despondency. This is as a result of general insecurity in the country, rising unemployment and high-cost of living. It is also an age...

Terhemba Wuam·over 1 year ago

Carl Niehaus’ Political Move: Delusional or Revolutionary

 It has been weeks since we were all hit by the news that the former spokesperson of Carl Niehaus was to begin his political movement. This, following his expulsion from the ANC on issues of misconduct. With Niehaus announcing his intima...

Tshegofatso Makola·2 months ago

President Ramaphosa concludes positive Washington DC visit

President Cyril Ramaphosa has concluded his official working visit to the United States at the invitation of President Joseph Biden

The Presidency·6 months ago

Why South Africa’s President Stands On Solid Ground In The Fight Against Corruption

Sometimes, the best thing politicians can do to take a society forward is – nothing. This reality is key to understanding the prosecution on corruption charges of the secretary-general of South Africa’s governing African National Congres...

Steven Friedman ·over 2 years ago

Eskom: The Utility That Can No Longer Be Managed

 With The National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) announcing its decision to approve Eskom’s plan to increase the electricity tariff, many have expressed their anger and frustration at this decision. The fact remains: with all ...

Tshegofatso Makola·2 months ago

President Cyril Ramaphosa Addresses Loadshedding in Weekly Presidential Newsletter

President Cyril Ramaphosa has used the first issue of his newsletter for the year to speak about South Africa’s energy crisis. This, amid hours on end of load shedding, and a negative impact on various industries.President Cyril Ramaphos...

Tshegofatso Makola·about 2 months ago

Joburg needs top prosecutor to head up Municipal Courts and Prosecutions

This position is a top priority for the Multi-Party Government as we aim to make Johannesburg a safe and secure city where the rule of law is upheld at all times

City of Joburg·6 months ago

High Court Grants Ramaphosa an Urgent Interdict Against Private Prosecution

 President Cyril Ramaphosa has escaped the prospect of appearing in a courtroom this week. This comes as the Joburg High caught granted the president an interdict against the private prosecution brought against him by his predecessor, Ja...

Tshegofatso Makola·2 months ago

ANC and DA to Battle it out Again in Court Today

The DA and ANC are set to square off once again regarding the ANC’s Cadre Deployment Policy. The two parties convened in court yesterday and each brought their own arguments forward regarding the governing party’s policy. Court proceedin...

Tshegofatso Makola·about 2 months ago