Episode 149 - COMPETENCY RACISM: The legal profession as a case study

By Eusebius McKaiser

Advocate Tembeka Ngcukaitobi joined me to discuss a very specific feature of racism. We drilled down into a tendency to assume that a singular act of failure on the part of a black person tells you about their entire skillet and capability.

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From here, we slowly examined the structural features of the workplace, with a racist undergird, that leads to "competency racism".

I predict many of you listening to this discussion with me and Tembeka may feel overwhelmed by a familiar and painful recognition of what you have experienced but never knew it to be a phenomenon in general.

We give you the language to empower yourself, and we offer insights to help us all collectively continue the fight against anti-black racism in the wake of white supremacist grips still in place everywhere. 

Although we used the legal profession as a sustained case study, the lessons are easily transferred elsewhere. 

Enjoy. And drop me a message, even if confidential, telling me what came up for you.

This previously appeared on 'In the Ring' with Eusebius McKaiser. Views expressed here do not necessarily reflect the views of The Joburg Post. 

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