"The Cholera outbreak is a dark mark on our democratic dispensation" - Cogta Minister

By Neo Poho

Cogta Minister Thembi Nkadimeng has expressed her views on the recent cholera outbreak and deaths in Hammanskraal, lamenting that the outbreak is a dark mark on the country's democratic dispensation.

Nkadimeng was delivering her department’s budget vote address on Friday morning, as the 21st death from cholera in Hammanskraal was announced while the number of laboratory confirmed cases of cholera which were being treated at Jubilee Memorial Hospital in Hammanskraal, has now risen to 44.

Nkadimeng said, "The developments in Hammanskraal are a dark mark on our democratic dispensation and as Cogta we respectfully express firstly our condolences to those families who have lost their loved ones, but needless to say, the cholera outbreak could have been avoided."

Nkadimeng furthermore alluded that her department's systematic response which had already been approved, would include a water resilience plan which would form the foundation of a bulk water supply and wastewater treatment plant infrastructure, rehabilitation, and energy efficiency interventions within the water regulation and sewerage system.

Meanwhile, EFF MP Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi has also reiterated that the cholera deaths in Hammanskraal could have been prevented if the country had a proper and functional government.

"What the Hammanskraal situation shows to our people is the corrupt, incompetent and lack of visionary government and many will die unnecessary deaths because of the corruption of the ANC, and the racism of the DA, in Tswhane.

If South Africans don’t kick the ANC out of power in the elections next year, we will regret it for generations to come,” Mkhaliphi added.

The people of Hammanskraal have been without a secure supply of clean water for the past 12 years, and yet nothing has been done to date, including the DA.

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