Grooming Future Black F1 Champions

By Katekani Shivambu

In the black community, we have heard talks of soccer teams and netball teams, rarely have we heard our peers speak about being part of a cricket team, moreover, an F1 racing or karting team. Elijah Mpho Gumbi redefined the odds by bringing the opportunity for young black F1 drivers to be groomed and trained. 
Squadra corse is the household name for the racing team that incorporates a number of specialised services, with the intention of expanding as a racing academy for drivers, technicians and industry participants. The team is currently the biggest contributor to growth in the racing sport and the biggest non-white owned team in karting, serving as a good home for non-white participants. 

Not only is Elijah opening up the industry of F1 sporting to allow the black child to contribute and excel. He built the team from the ground up after having faced some challenges himself,  

being the only black-owned team in a white-dominated game, to fight its adverse situation and compete in an elitist sport.
Kwanda's Racing Kart

Having won a few championships, Squadra Corse can be said to be the hidden gem that deserves a spotlight,

 as they empower locals who are faced with poverty, having little knowledge about motorsport, mechanics and engineering.  Elijah has made efforts to informally teach young black talent and in-turn affords an opportunity to grow and empower locals on a permanent basis. 

Technical Team Members

Squadra corse exposes the young black child to their potential, tapping into a realm that has often been said to be a white man's sport, due to its expense and uniqueness compared to traditional sport the black child is accustomed to. Having groomed boys like Kwanda Mokoena, who gave Squadra Corse the winning title in the regional championship in 2017, 1st Place regional championship 2017 – Simile Zamxaka,  2nd Place regional championship 2017- Nteko Ngobeni,  3rd Place with Sphephelo Msimanga 2017 – Maxterino Category,  2nd place Mandla Mlangeni 2017 – Micro Max ( Mandla won ¾ heats in Africa Open - African Championship. Including, the son of the internationally acclaimed DJ Black Coffee. 

Elijah deserves the special recongition in the history books, as the mastermind of introducing the F1 sport to the township. Allowing for the growth of future black F1 racers, through karting with a spirit of excellence that builds a country that is inclusive to all, in sport and in opportunities.  


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