Nelson Mandela Sites In Africa

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This series of photos is dedicated to the life of Nelson Mandela, we explore and shed light on the footprints he left behind to educate the world on the struggle as well as how he became a peace maker in the struggle. We look at the different Mandela monuments.

Apartheid Museum

To understand South Africa’s complicated society – and Mandela’s importance within it – you need to look to the past. Apartheid, the segregationist system that ruled the country from 1948 to 1994, infiltrated every aspect of daily life: education, employment, freedom of movement, the train you took, the hospital you went to – even which beach you chose to bathe at. The policies shaped Mandela’s entire life and nowhere can you get a better grip on those heartless rules than at the Apartheid Museum, south of Johannesburg. It’s an emotional visit, but the interactive exhibits and wealth of information make the museum an absolute must.

Constitutional Hill

Constitution Hill in Johannesburg is a chilling museum and home to South Africa’s constitutional court, but it began life as a prison back in 1893. Mandela was imprisoned here twice – first in the infamous 1956 Treason Trial, when all 156 defendants were eventually acquitted, and again in 1962 following his arrest in KwaZulu-Natal. He was deemed too influential to house with the other black male prisoners in the notorious Number Four section of the prison and became the only non-white prisoner to be incarcerated in the Old Fort.

Robin Island

Nelson Mandela spent 27 years of his life incarcerated and served most of his sentence on a forlorn, five-sq-km island off the coast of Cape Town. Trips to Robben Island begin at the V&A Waterfront, where ferries transfer you to the former prison.

Nelson Mandela Museum

The Eastern Cape is rightly proud of its most famous son, and in the otherwise unlovable town of Mthatha sits an homage to Mandela. The stately Bhunga Building houses the Nelson Mandela Museum, where you can dig a little deeper into the essence of the man everyone hereabouts calls Madiba (his clan name).

State Capture Site

For years, the only thing marking this historically important site at Howick was an unassuming plaque at the side of the road. It was here in 1962 that, following 17 months of evading the apartheid authorities, Nelson Mandela was arrested.

Liliesleaf Farm

When Nelson Mandela lived at Liliesleaf Farm, he went by the name of David Motsamayi and, at least to a passer-by, was employed to tend the grounds. This was in fact the underground headquarters of the ANC, where Mandela lived incognito for a year.

City Hall and Grand Parade

Crowds gathered in Cape Town’s Grand Parade to cheer on the newly released struggle icon.

Chancellor House and the Shadow Boxer

Chancellor House itself isn’t much to look at, but an important part of Mandela’s life happened within these walls. It’s here that he shared a law practice with fellow struggle icon Oliver Tambo.


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